Man from Rigby to be a contestant on "The Job"

Man from Rigby to be a contestant on "The Job"

RIGBY, Idaho - The founder of eastern Idaho's popular Bambino's restaurant is making his TV debut tonight as a contestant on a new CBS reality show.

Ryan Pickett of Rigby was selected as a candidate for "The Job."

The show features a variety of contestants, including Pickett, who go through interviews and workplace trial scenarios to try to land their dream job.

Pickett is well known in eastern Idaho for founding Bambino's.

He said the restaurant is a creation rooted in his family's heritage. His mother is from Argentina and the food is inspired by the culture.

"There I was in Idaho, trying to launch this passion of my family and it's almost like a second chance," said Pickett.

The first episode of "The Job" airs Friday night, 6 p.m. MT on CBS.

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