McKayla Richardson

Distinguished Student

McKayla Richardson - Distinguished Student

SHELLEY, Idaho - When you find someone who excels in academics, sports, and music you have a great candidate for the United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award. Shelley High School senior, MaKayla Richardson is a high achiever in all those areas.

With all her school activities, she still finds time to teach piano.

"Oh, I love to teach piano because I love the piano so much I want other people to love it as much as I do," McKayla says.

This time of year volleyball is also a big part of McKayla's life and it teaches her some valuable lessons.

"It's a team sport, it is not an individual sport." McKayla says. "You have to be playing well as a team and you have to be working well together as a team."

When she's not teaching or practicing piano or playing volleyball, Mckayla is engaged in service, like peer tutoring, volunteering at spud day,s or visiting the people at the assisted living center. At the same time she is taking AP and college level courses.

"I want to take advantage of all the education I can get. I love to learn," McKayla says. "My education is super important to me."

For McKayla high school is a balance.

"Try to take advantage of all the education you can and try to learn as much as you can, but at the same time have fun," McKayla says. "High school only comes around once, and it's your last chance before the real world, so have fun but also take advantage of all the education you can get."

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