More details released in Wednesday night's deadly standoff

Search continues for missing woman near site of shooting

BANNOCK COUNTY, Idaho - The Bannock County sheriff has revealed more details in Wednesday night's standoff, in which the man who confessed to killing a missing Pocatello woman died.

In a news conference Thursday morning, Sheriff Lorin Nielson said Boede Paul confessed to detectives Wednesday that he had killed his girlfriend, Angelea "Leah" Schultz, a mother of two. He also told police where he had buried her.

Deputies spent hours Wednesday trying to talk Paul out of his pickup, and he left the vehicle several times, but finally exited it with a gun and shot at officers. Nine returned fire -- eight from Bannock and one from Bingham County -- and Paul was killed.

Paul had no criminal history or mental health history that officers are aware of.

The officers have been placed on administrative leave as a matter of law enforcement policy until an internal investigation can be completed. The investigation will be done by agencies from Fremont, Clark and Bonneville counties, which were not involved in the incident.

Nielson said officers do not enjoy it when they have to shoot the suspect, contrary to what is being said on social media.

"We don't become police officers to kill people. We become police officers to protect people," he said with emotion.

Another investigation is under way in the timeline and details of the standoff itself, and that will be conducted by the Pocatello Police Department, which was also not involved.

Schultz's case is still open. On Thursday, authorities began excavating the area Paul had told them he had buried the body. Authorities are keeping the location confidential.

The area near Reservation and Philbin roads were open to residents only due to the ongoing investigation.

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