More jobs coming to Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS - So, what type of skills are needed to work in a corporate headquarters? 

Some of the new positions will be office jobs such as finance and marketing. But don't be scared by the word headquarters. Idahoanfoods was granted  $240,000 to train 60 new employees on how to get the job done right. 

"They did look at a number of locations," said Bob Everhart, the 
Executive director of Downtown Development. 

But they chose Idaho Falls. And Everhart couldn't be happier that a commercial business is ready to expand in downtown Idaho Falls. 

"They saw the advantages of being here and were very open to that opportunity. So we just tried to remove the roadblocks and make it easy for them to do," said Everhart. 

And now Idaho Falls has 60 new job opportunities awaiting them -- along with a minimum pay of $12.60 an hour and are expected to average $14.84 an hour. 

It's all due to the workforce development training fund. It's a program started by the Idaho Department of Labor. To improve the qualities of businesses, the Department of Labor allowed Idahoan Foods to use 3 percent of their unemployment insurance taxes in order to create more jobs. 

"This is a quality business that's looking for long-term relationships with their employees," said Everhart. 

And are willing to give eastern Idaho new jobs -- and more people that can feed the downtown economy, 

"Businesses that employ people that work downtown will buy product downtown, eat downtown," said Everhart. 

"We're working on making it such a viable part of our community," said Everhart. 

Everhart says a commercial business like Idahoan Foods, is something Idaho Falls needs to help expand the community. 

Idahoan Food's manufacturing facility is in Lewisville. 

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