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With fires, elections, spiders and more, what a year 2012 has been!

Below is a list of the big stories of 2012. These aren't necessarily the most significant, but they are the most viewed on Click on a link to find out more.

Thank you for spending this year with us, and we will keep you updated on the exciting year 2013 will most certainly be.

1. Photos: Charlotte Fire

2. Photos: Wind damages homes and buildings.

3. Best of the Worst: Mugshot hall of fame (photos)

4. High school students capture video of possible Bigfoot

5. Photos: Fires burn in Bingham County

6. Election results 2012

7. Anchor keeps composure while spider drops into view on live TV

8. Photos: Solar eclipse 2012

9. Photos: Howe during and after fire

10. Photos: American Idol bus tour makes stop in Idaho Falls.

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