Multiple UFO reports arise from Blackfoot

Multiple UFO reports arise from Blackfoot

BLACKFOOT, Idaho - A strange sighting in the sky has people across our region thinking twice about their belief in unidentified flying objects.

Tara Pagan comes from a family of self-described skeptics, but when the family stepped outside its Blackfoot home Saturday night, there was no way to assign logic to what they all saw.

"I've never seen anything like that," Pagan said.  "Probably around 10 to 13 round, orange, glowing balls -- and then they were staggered, and then they made like a formation and then floated diagonal, and then they just faded out."
Pagan managed to get a blurry picture of one of the orange lights on her phone.

"I had four [lights] on my screen, but by the time the picture hit, it only had one on there," Pagan explained.

Pagan's cousin called the fire department, but they said they had nothing to do with what was in the sky.   

Pagan went online to ask an expert at the National UFO Reporting Center.  When she got ahold of director Peter Davenport, his response was stunning.

"We got two reports," Davenport later told us.  "Shortly after the sightings were reported, we started receiving reports from Spokane Valley ... of similar objects."

Davenport received six similar reports that night, none of which he could explain.

"They were not aircrafts, to the best of our knowledge," Davenport said.  "They were not hot air balloons ... They were not crash dummies, swamp gas, weather balloons or any other item of pedestrian or terrestrial origin that I can imagine."

Saturday's reports show striking similarities to other accounts, which Pagan easily found online.

"I think it would have to be something -- not us," Pagan said.

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