Locals react to Hawaii missile false alarm

Locals react to Hawaii false alarm

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - The state of Hawaii was sent into a frenzy when a false alarm alert was sent out about an incoming missile. Some people wondering, how something terrifying like this could happen.

"It' a little bit unusual, I don't know how something like this got out there but good thing it was a false alarm and hopefully nothing else happens," says Rosa Paula Fernandez, resident.

"It's really scary, I mean if I was there and I saw a missile warning on my phone I'd probably think that it was it for me," says Hayden Hoyt, resident.

Kimball Pule, is originally from Hawaii and now lives in Idaho Falls. He found out about the situation through social media and then reached out to his family.

"I spoke to my sister and at that moment she was in a panic, so everything was just a lot of feelings and all she could say was that she was scared," says Pule.

He also doesn't understand how something like this could have happened.

"To make something that big of an error, a lot of people are just upset, especially me. My family's life could have been on the line."

Moments of panic for a state that's been having drills in case of a situation like this. Despite how it happened, everyone is thankful that it was a false alarm and there was no real danger.

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