New meetings aim to improve relationship among Bonneville County's cities

New meetings aim to improve relationship among Bonneville County's cities

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Bonneville County held its first Cities-County Meeting on Monday afternoon in Idaho Falls in an effort to build a better relationship.

"If we can work on projects together, I think there's a benefit to all the citizens, no matter which jurisdiction they live in," said Bonneville County Commissioner Roger Christensen.

Only Ammon and Idaho Falls' mayors and City Councils were represented, but more cities are expected to participate.

"This first go-round we coordinated with the two larger cities, but we hope to involve the smaller cities in the future," said Christensen.

One topic discussed was the plan to coordinate a universal mapping system, that would improve response times for the county's 911 system.

"Putting in a system where all entities can input and access back out of it, so it's just more of a universal system, instead of each entity doing their own thing," said Christensen.

Idaho Falls Mayor Rebecca Casper said it's an important initiative.

"We could lose valuable seconds, or even minutes, in terms of responding to an emergency, so coordination only makes sense," said Casper.

BAmmon and Idaho Falls laid out the topics they'll address in the near future.

"We have shared boundaries," said Ammon Mayor Dana Kirkham. "What we do affects you, and what you do affects us, so it's beneficial for us all to be aware of each other, at the very least."

Casper said she wants to take a closer look at the area's fire services.

"Emergencies don't respect city boundaries," said Casper. "We do need to look at this as a region, or as a metropolitan area."

Hitt Road was also a topic of discussion, in terms of both development and improving traffic flow. Kirkham specified that traffic out of the Ammon Town Center needed to move more freely.

"We want to come to some resolution there, so that people can enter and exit that shopping center easier than they can right now," said Kirkham.

All parties believe these meetings should improve relations and provide a forum for ideas and discussion.

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