New transportation routes for TRPTA next month

New transportation routes for TRPTA

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Beginning next month, the Targhee Regional Public Transportation Authority, better known as "TRPTA," will change its fixed route service.

For the past decade the bus service was known as a deviated fixed route, which means the bus could travel off the normal route to pick someone up from almost anywhere.

But under this new change beginning February 4, there will be no more deviation. The bus will only pick up passengers at designated bus stops.

A para-transit service for those with disabilities will also be provided for qualified riders.

"We're all excited and so far the public is pretty excited too so it'll be interesting and fun at the same time," said Amanda Ely, TRPTA Assistant Director.

Fixed route fares will change from $1.25 to $1.75.

Para-transit will be $3.50.

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