NPS releases winter use plan for Yellowstone

NPS releases winter use plan for Yellowstone

WEST YELLOWSTONE, Montana - The National Park Service released its winter use plan for Yellowstone National Park Friday morning.

NPS said the goal of the plan is to make Yellowstone a quieter and cleaner park for wildlife and visitors.

During the winter months, any visitor will say one of the best ways to see Yellowstone National Park is on a snowmobile or a snow coach.

The proposal would allow for 318 snowmobiles, 78 snow coaches and 50 snowmobile groups.

The National Park Service said it would like to see snow vehicles cause less pollution and noise in the park.

"All will be required to meet the EPA tier-two standards for snow coaches and we're requiring snowmobiles have the best available technology standard, which will make them 25 percent cleaner and 15 percent quieter," said Dan Wenk, Yellowstone Superintendent.

Clyde Seely, owner of Three Bear Lodge, said the difference between the snowmobiles that have the best available technology and the ones that don't, is huge in terms of sound, mileage, gas consumption, and emissions.

"All in all the 4-stroke is the thing that has saved snowmobiles in Yellowstone," said Seely. "Without that, we wouldn't be able to have snowmobiles in Yellowstone."

Wenk said he's confident this plan will help the park and the hundreds of park-goers that visit every day.  

"We believe we have a sustainable plan and we hope you do too and we look forward to working over the next few months to put it in place," said Wenk.

If the plan goes through, it will take effect in the 2014-15 winter season.

Again, this is just a proposal. The public will review it before a final decision is made.

The NPS says it hopes to have a finalized plan by the end of May.

To take a look at the proposal, visit

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