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'Gumball Bandit' fumbles through attempted theft

Man caught on surveillance video unmasked

Sacramento's Front Street Animal Shelter is searching for a man caught on surveillance video trying (and failing) to steal a gumball machine. 

The Sacramento Bee reports the "Gumball Bandit" broke into the animal shelter and attempted to steal the facility's gumball machine. The man begins using the machine as a battering ram, breaking the glass window on the door--and the machine itself--spilling hundreds of gumballs. As the man tries to pull the machine through the broken window, he slips on one of the freed gumballs. When he finally makes it out another door with the machine, he tosses the broken pieces over a barbed wire fence.

The thief took all of the cash he could find--a few loose coins--and fails to notice a donation box full of cash sitting a few feet away.

The shelter and the Sacramento Police Department are asking those who might recognize the unmasked man from the video to come forward with any information.

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