Odyssey Charter gets approval to begin development

Odyssey Charter School

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The Idaho Public Charter School Commission gave Odyssey Charter approval to move forward with development after being rejected on Monday.

The mission for Odyssey Charter School is to provide a hands-on, active and personal education.

Co-founder, Carl Peterson, a former teacher and father of eight, wanted to offer a choice to parents when it comes to educating their children.

"We have lots of restaurants and stores and you're able to pick what you want and what would serve your purpose best, but an education, we haven't had that same choice," said Peterson.

Peterson said the traditional style of education with standardized tests and textbooks is not the optimal way for students to learn.

"We take kids when they have more energy than they'll ever have for the rest of their lives and we make them sit down and be quiet and that's very against their nature at this age," said Peterson.

Students at Odyssey Charter will be taught a curriculum centered around project-based learning.

"They would do a presentation or project to show what they've learned rather than taking a test. A lot of it is to get them up and moving and discussing and thinking," said Peterson.

Students at Odyssey Charter will still be required to pass all state standardized tests.

Odyssey Charter is set to open in District 91, but because it's a charter school, students from nearby cities can attend without being restricted by boundaries.

The school will be a secondary school for grades 6-12. Peterson urges those interesting in enrolling to visit the website and sign up in the "Join Our Contact List." Enrollment packets will be made available online at the end of January.

Charter schools are funded by the state board of education. Odyssey Charter will be a tuition-free school.

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