Our policy on covering National Letter of Intent signings

Parents, coaches and athletic directors,

Congratulations! Your student athlete has accepted a scholarship or walk-on roster spot to participate in collegiate athletics. We here at Sports Line and Local News 8 enjoy seeing our area athletes excel and move on to bigger and better things in their lives.

In recent years, we have covered, for news purposes, college signings and ceremonies for nearly any and all athletes going to college for athletics. However, the already-tremendous amount of requests we receive to cover these events has grown significantly. Unfortunately, we cannot attend every signing ceremony. If Sports Line covered all signing ceremonies requested of us, the newsworthy value of those ceremonies would fall flat.

Therefore, Sports Line has implemented guidelines for NLI signing ceremonies we want to make a priority. The guidelines are as follows:

1. Division 1 scholarships for all sports; or,
2. Football scholarships; or,
3. Colleges in the State of Idaho; or,
4. Events on National Signing Day

Even with these guidelines in place, Sports Line might not be able to cover all signing ceremonies. Sports Line reserves the right to make exceptions to these rules at the discretion of the sports director.

Please email with your signing ceremony's information.

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