A rogue peahen who has been causing quite a flap around Idaho Falls in recent weeks is behind bars.

The bird was relaxing at the Idaho Falls Animal Shelter on Monday night.

About two weeks ago, we reported on the peahen after many of our viewers saw her roaming around the city and named her Rebecca.

Idaho Falls Animal Services still hasn't confirmed this is the same bird everyone's been seeing, but they think she probably is.

A shelter employee said a man spotted the peahen in the area of Grandview Drive and Foote Drive and lured her into an ATM vestibule so he could capture her and bring her to safety.

So what next?

"We'll probably hold her for a couple of days to give the owner a chance to step up,” said Danyelle Harker of Idaho Falls Animal Services. “And then we'll probably put her up for adoption."

Anyone living outside of the Idaho Falls city limits can adopt the peahen.