Pocatello Woman Celebrates 100 Years Young

"I think my attitude is probably why I'm doing what I can do today."

Pocatello Woman Celebrates 100 Years Young

At this time 100 years ago, Woodrow Wilson was President, and Richard Nixon was an almost one-month old bouncing baby boy.

But today wasn't about what used to be. It was about what is, and what's to come for one special Pocatello woman.

Surrounded by friends, family and faith. That's how Fern says she's made it all the way through 100 years.

"I've had three children, 10 grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren, and 22 great-greats," she explains.

Fern was born on a farm in Mendon, Utah, and has since lived in Wellsville, Utah, Soda Springs and Grace. She is still active, and can be seen walking down the halls of quail ridge at night, lifting small weights in each hand.

"I'm doing just what I can to keep myself going," Fern says.

Throughout her life she has been active in her church, and remembers her family gathering around a piano on Sunday nights to sing.

She says music was always playing during her happy childhood.

"From 1913 to today I've seen more changes in the world than you'll ever know," she says. "Things I can't even begin to imagine."

Many people, including her doctor, wonder how she has maintained such health all her life.

"What will be will be," she states simply. "I just think it's just one of those things that we have to face when we get older."

She hopes people will remember her for being honest, happy, and having a positive outlook.   An outlook that you can't help but feel when you are near her.

"This age business... Everybody does it differently. I think my attitude is probably why I'm doing what I can do today."

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