Aberdeen locals react to 4-day school week decision

Aberdeen locals react to 4-day school week decision

ABERDEEN, Idaho - Students in Aberdeen may be looking forward to longer weekends.

The District 58 school board Has voted to go to a four day school week, inciting a major reaction from concerned locals.

On Friday night, the school board met to hear public comment about the shortened school week and local people with plenty of opinions packed the room.

Retired teacher Mike Petersen came out to oppose the four day week. To him, it means fewer days of teachers instructing kids and in his mind, that's simply bad news for education.

"I'm in favor of maintaining a five day teaching week. I think it's in the best interest of the students, all the students in Aberdeen," Petersen said.

But school administrators said 4 longer days in class actaully equal more hours of teaching time over the year.

Some supporters of four days said it's proven to improve attendance, which means more money from the state for the district.

But opponents argue the change really wouldn't save much money, and that it's not worth the risk of damaging education.

Some have called for the school board to rescind it's decisions while some want the board to put the issue up for a public vote.

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