Fresh snow leads to arrests

POCATELLO, Idaho - A pair of suspects in Pocatello car burglaries were arrested Saturday night after police used the soles of one of the suspect's shoes to identify them.

Police were called to the 1600 block of Sun Valley Way for reports a man was walking through the area trying to get into parked cars. Officers spotted a man get into a car and drive away from the area.

When police stopped the Ford Ranger, they asked Christopher Woods, 35, to show them his shoes. Officers matched his footprint to marks in the fresh snow. His clothing also matched the description provided by witnesses.

Police also arrested Brandy Rudy-Glanzer, 20, who was in the pickup with Woods. Police said Rudy-Glanzer had broken into cars as well.

Officers spotted what they believed to be stolen tools in the pickup, but as of Monday morning were waiting on a search warrant to confirm.

Police following burglary suspects' tracks in snow appears to be a trend this winter. Two similar incidents in Idaho Falls occurred in December.

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