ISP honors local heroes

ISP honors local heroes

POCATELLO, Idaho - The Idaho State Police took a moment on Monday to honor two local heroes.

Audra Kissel and Aaron Larson both received the state police's highest citizen honor because the two former strangers saved a man's life.

In May, Scott Mann, 48, from Pocatello, crashed his car on Highway 30 in McCammon, and it caught on fire right in front of Kissel.

She stopped and called 911, trying to keep Mann safe while she flagged down Larson. Larson, 19, pulled Mann to safety, and both he and Kissel stayed humble about it.

"I don't think I really did anything special, I just feel it's more of a reflection of my parents and what they thought me. I feel it's more them than showing me," Larson said.

"I don't know, it feels like everyone makes it into a lot bigger deal than it was. I guess I'm glad I was there and could help out," Kissel said.

Both Kissel and Larson said it was a complete coincidence that they were in the right place at the right time.

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