Locals react to news of new pope

Locals react to news of new pope

POCATELLO, Idaho - The news of the new pope had Catholics across east Idaho paying close attention, curious of how the new pontiff will lead their religion.

Across east Idaho bells rang out from catholic churches. Letting all within earshot know there was a new pope.

At Holy Spirit Catholic School 10-year-old Olivita Hunt was chosen to ring those bells.

"It felt really special. It was cool, and it was strong so it would kind of pull me back up. So it kind of felt like i was flying," Olivita said.

Teachers said as soon as they heard about the white smoke signaling the conclaves decision, they hustled to let the kids watch history unfold.

"We started running around gathering students to get into the one classroom that had cable tv," Holy Spirit teacher Wendy Behrend said.

Throughout the community locals reacted to the news of the first pope from the new world.

"He's the first latin american. I am hispanic so that's great news for me," said Nydia Santiago.

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