Pocatello-Chubbuck to enforce fee and fine policy

POCATELLO, Idaho - The Pocatello/Chubbuck school district will take a tough stand on its student fee and fine policy next school year.

School officials said some seniors have had a significant challenge paying fees and fines, especially if they allowed their debt to accumulate.  As a result, high schools have had to carry a significant amount of debt from fees and fines.

Due to its own limited resources and to be fair to other students,the district said it would require seniors or their parents to make arrangements for a payment plan for outstanding and current fees and fines before students will be allowed to participate in extra-curricular athletic activities.

Students or their parents may make arrangements beginning August 8.  Questions should be directed to the Director of Secondary Education at 235-3228.  Parents may check their student's balance by logging into their student's account in the District 25 student information system.

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