Police: New Synthetic Meth Called 'Bath Salts' Poses Threat To Community

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Imagine a legal drug so powerful it causes extreme violence and suicidal thoughts.

So-called "Bath Salts" are leaving a trail of horror across the country. On Thursday, law enforcement is wasting no time in educating officers and the community.

The drug is a synthetic form of Methamphetamine. Police don't hesitate to say it's far more grave.

"Some of the signs and symptoms are agitation, paranoia, chest pain, extreme violent tendencies, suicide," said Idaho State Police Sgt. Chris Elverud.

The drug comes in a powdered form, inside a little packet that packs a powerful punch.

"It's an evil, violent drug that is what we call an imminent threat to public safety and to law enforcement," said Elverud.

The drug can potentially cause psychotic episodes in users.

"Essentially the bath salts are a central nervous system stimulant," said Elverud.

Elverud said the drug is a tremendous threat to eastern Idaho. It is completely unregulated like the synthetic marijuana known as "Spice," and it's dramatically riskier than Meth.

"The effects of it are astronomically more dangerous and aggressive," he said.

In Miami over the weekend, a man believed to be under the influence of Bath Salts attacked a homeless male. Rudy Eugene literally ate parts of his victim's face. The girlfriend of the so-called "real-life zombie" said the drug turned Eugene into a monster.

"That wasn't him," she said. "That was his body, but that wasn't his spirit."

Eugene was eventually shot and killed by police.

Elverud said Idaho law enforcement learned a lesson from Spice after it creeped into the area several years ago.

"It's a positive thing you know that we can be proactive," he said.

Elverud said Bath Salts are usually sold in independent smoke shops.

In 2010, governor Otter signed a law making ingredients for all synthetic drugs illegal.

Manufacturers get around the law by claiming their products are not for human consumption.

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