Teton county voters approve school bonds

DRIGGS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - UPDATE: Voters in the Teton School District have approved two major school bond issues.

The first is a $30 million bond that will be used to construct two new elementary school buildings in Driggs and Victor and make improvements to other schools. It was approved by an 80 percent margin, a vote of 2,485 in favor to 636 against.

The second bond totaled $7.2 million and would provide for improvements to the existing Teton Middle School and Teton High School buildings. It received a 77 percent majority vote of 2,408 in favor to 703 against.


The Teton School Board is asking its patrons to approve two school bond issues at the polls on Tuesday.

The first is a $30,050,000 general obligation bond. It would be used to construct two new elementary schools. One would be located in Driggs and the other in Victor. It would also provide enough money for necessary renovations and improvements to Rendezvous Upper Elementary School and Tetonia Elementary school. 

The second bond totals $7,230,000. It would provide for improvements to the existing Teton Middle School and Teton High School buildings.

The ballot measures have been structured in such a way that if voters do not approve the first bond for elementary school improvements, bonds for the second bond will not be issued, even if voters approve them.

The bonds must achieve a 66.67 percent majority for approval.

The school board has outlined a scope of work for each elementary school.

The $13.9 million Driggs Elementary school would be build east of Teton Middle School. The $8.8 million Victor Elementary would be build north of Sherman (formerly Pioneer) Park.

$2.2 million in improvements are planned at Tetonia Elementary School. The Rendezvous Upper Elementary School project totals $5.1 million. The project would add classrooms and square footage space, as well as other improvements.

The second bond earmarks $4.7 million for work at Teton High School. It includes building a secure entrance and administration area, additional classroom space, increased common area footage, and an auxiliary gym.

The Teton Middle School would get a $2.4 million upgrade to include classroom and gymnasium space, and an improved security entrance.

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