Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has decided not to support the deal to sell the team and will continue with his lawsuit against the NBA, his attorney told The Associated Press and The Washington Post on Monday.

The $2 billion sale of the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was negotiated by Sterling’s wife, Shelly, after racist comments by Donald Sterling to a girlfriend were publicized, the AP reported.

The Sterlings are co-owners of the team through a family trust.

Sterling's recorded racist remarks to his companion, V. Stiviano, spawned outrage among NBA fans, players and executives. Chief among the latter was NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who banned Sterling from the league, fined him $2.5 million and pushed through a charge to terminate all of his ownership rights in the franchise. The recording was posted online by TMZ in late April.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been wary of the litigious Sterling.

"He's unsold his club several times over the years," Silver told CNN's Rachel Nichols in an exclusive interview this week.

"There's well-noted incidents in the league when he was right there at a closing and at the last minute decided not to sell."