Rexburg City Council gives itself, mayor a raise

Rexburg city council votes for member pay raises

REXBURG, Idaho - Over the past few months, Rexburg's city councilors have been debating a possible salary bump for themselves.

On Wednesday night it came to a vote of the council.

The bill to increase City Council salaries passed in a 5 to 1 vote.

The salary bump is the first for council members since 2008 and it is a significant one.

Rexburg Mayor Richard Woodland makes about $58,000 a year. With his salary increase he'll make almost $10,000 more.

Individual council members are currently compensated $4,800 a year. Now it's $7,200.

Councilwoman Donna Benfield was the only "no" vote.

Councilman Jerry Merrill made the motion to pass the bill.

He said the opportunity to be on the council should be open to anyone, and salaries need to be appropriate for the times.

The new salary scheme will take effect for 2014 members.

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