Rexburg Rapids loses money

REXBURG, Idaho - The Rexburg City Council has taken steps it hopes will keep Rexburg Rapids water park in the black next year.

Chief Financial Officer Richard Horner said the park posted a $45,000 operating loss in 2012 compared to 2011. The park opened in 2011.

Although the facility generated $54,000 more in revenue, its operating expenses were up by $128,000. Profits were posted during peak operating weeks between June 12 and Aug. 12, but lost money in the days it was open on either side of that peak period. The facility also lost money during winterization and maintenance in the off-season.

In an effort to turn the situation around, the city has decided to move Rexburg Rapids' opening and ending dates to correlate with the Madison School District calendar. That will result in the pool's opening on June 17 and closing the weekend before school starts next fall.

In addition, Rexburg will make some minor adjustment in its water park shelter rates, increase the availability of of exclusive night time hours, and extend peak season operating hours by half an hour, opening at 12:30 p.m. each day. Horner said those adjustments should bring the park into the black next year.

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