Rigby Middle School students fight verbal bullying

Rigby Middle School promotes kind...

RIGBY, Idaho - Rigby Middle School student Bria Webster organized a project to urge greater use of kind words between students at the school.  As you walk down the hall you’ll see bulletin boards for each grade covered with post-it notes.

"I know and believe kind words matter and I wanted to help make our school a happier atmosphere, so I came up with this challenge so that they could do that,” Bria said. “So all the English teachers got sticky notes for the students and on the front they put inspirational or original quotes to help them keep going, and on the back they put their first and last name."

Bria says it has made a difference. After introducing her “kind words matter” theme at am assembly, she said a student came up and told her some other students who had been saying mean things to her came and apologized.

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