Romance is hiding at your local WalMart, according to study

Romance is hiding at your local WalMart

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - It seems shoppers are finding more than just low prices at Walmart; they're also apparently making love connections.

A new study by the magazine Psychology Today finds more people thought they saw their future spouse at a Walmart than anywhere else in 15 states. Idaho is one of those states.

Psychology Today points out missed connections in the Gem State seemed to happen mostly at the retail giant.

If you go to the missed connection section at you'll see numerous hopefuls trying to reconnect with that person in the checkout line.

One clinical social worker says there are multiple reasons why Walmart is a great place to meet someone.

"They have a high volume of people, and we live in a smaller town so your chances increase to meet somebody new or somebody you haven't seen for a while," said clinical social worker Brett Hampton.

But not everyone agrees.

"My first thought is, it's kind of creepy, but that's okay," said Mindy Bramwell.
"I think it's strange when I come to Walmart all I see are really weird people," said Katie Hildreth.

Marlene Cooper said, "But think about it -- you can chose your type according to the aisles. If you're the OCD type, check out the people who hang around the cleaners and disinfectants. The possibilities are endless here."

The study also shows not all connections happened at Walmart.

In New York, the most frequently cited spot was the subway; in California, the gym chain 24 Hour Fitness, and in Oregon, the bus was the best place to find love.

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