Romney endorses Ahlquist for Governor

Romney Endorses Ahlquist

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Hundreds of people came to a campaign rally in Idaho Falls Wednesday evening to hear Mitt Romney endorse Tommy Ahlquist for governor of Idaho.

The former republican presidential candidate talked about why he’s supporting Ahlquist.

"Now, Tommy Ahlquist is a conservative's conservative,” Romney said.  “He's going to take conservative principles to fix the schools. He's going to take conservative principles to make regulation work for enterprises to create more jobs. He's going to take conservative principles from his home to the people of your state."

Ahlquist is facing opposition from Lt. Governor Brad Little and Congressman Raul Labrador.

"They told me I didn't have a chance,” Ahlquist said.  “But they forgot something. They might have lobbyists and special interests. But I have you."

The Ahlquist supporters were energized by the Romney endorsement and hearing from their candidate.

"I love Tommy Ahlquist,” Rachel Mickelsen said. “I love what he's for. Together they are a strong team."

Ahlquist was grateful for Romney’s endorsement.

"I just respect him as a mentor and hero of mine, so having him come up here,I'm humbled and honored," Ahlquist said.

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