Romney Receives Big Donations From Idaho

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - As presidential hopeful Mitt Romney rises in the polls he's finding a lot of friends in Idaho with deep pocket books.

With a million dollars worth of contributions, Frank Vandersloot's Melaleuca Inc. is by far Romney largest Idaho donor, but he is not the only Idahoan who wants to see Romney in the white house.

Restore our future, the Romney super PAC released the names of its mega donors in a federal filing Tuesday night.

It shows $1 million of the $18 million it raised in the past six months came from the eastern Idaho company Melaleuca.

"We want Mitt Romney to be the president of the United States and we would like to see Mr. Obama get a different job," Vandersloot said.

Company founder and CEO Frank Vandersloot supported Romney in 2008 and once again thinks he is the best man for the job.

"I think what is good for America is good for Idaho and he is clearly the best candidate for president in this go-around and anyone who has evaluated the presidential candidates would have to come to the conclusion that Romney is best candidate to get the economy back on track and that is what the nation needs," Vandersloot said.

When it comes to direct campaign contributions Idahoans have donated $670,303 in this presidential election cycle.

Romney has by far seen the biggest chunk of that money racking in $404,594.

Idaho's straw poll winner, Ron Paul received $81,244 in campaign contributions compared with Gingrich who has only raised $21,045 in the state and Santorum at just $2,130.

The Federal Elections Commission lists campaign donors.

Those donating to the Romney campaign include Mountain View Hospital CEO James Adamson, Richard Larsen of Larsen Farms and several Melaleuca administrators.

President Barack Obama has only raised $86,726 from Idaho contributors.

To find out what other Idahoans have made political contributions visit

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