Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy Comes To Idaho

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Ron Paul's delegate-winning offensive has come to Idaho.

Through a grassroots effort, the Republican presidential candidate took delegates still bound to Mitt Romney at state conventions in Nevada and Maine as he continues to build his campaign all the way to the national convention this summer.

In Idaho alone, Ron Paul supporters would have to make up a two-thirds majority in state delegates to overturn Romney's caucus win.

Supporters maintain it's about standing on principle and Ron Paul's strategy so far is paying off.

Paul made a campaign stop in Idaho Falls earlier this year, with large crowds and even larger hopes.

Bob Lamoreaux of Rigby said it was inspiring.

"It was awesome. I felt like a kid who got two birthdays in a year," said Lamoreaux.

In the March 6 caucus, Paul fell well behind Mitt Romney, who earned 62 percent of the vote.

That vote entitles Romney to all of Idaho's national delegates.

Former State Libertarian Chair Ryan Davidson told reporter Jessica Crandall there is a loophole in all of this.

Romney submitted a list of national delegates before the Idaho caucus. Those delegates still must be ratified by state delegates in Idaho's state convention on June 22.

If Ron Paul supporters run for precinct committee members in the state primary on May 15 and elect state delegates in support of Paul, these state delegates may overturn the results of the caucus and award all of the national delegates to Paul. But they must have a two-thirds majority.

Lamoreaux will join in the grassroots effort by running for precinct committee himself this May, and possibly to the state convention from there.

"To read his words just lights a fire in me. I want to talk to people about it. I want to explain to them the principles of liberty," said Lamoreaux.

Jonathan Parker, the executive director of the Idaho Republican Party, said all rules will be followed at convention.

To learn more about Paul's delegate strategy, visit this link.

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