Salmon schools superintendent presents case to state panel

Salmon schools superintendent makes case in Boise for a new school

SALMON, Idaho - Salmon School District superintendent Joey Foote was in Boise on Tuesday making the district's case for a new school building before a three-member state panel. Under the Cooperative Funding Program, the state will build a new school building if they determine a need and a safety hazard is present. Salmon voters have rejected seven bonds.

Foote said the results of Tuesday's meeting are:

- The state wants additional data in the form of an independent tier-two evaluation of the current school buildings.

- Because they requested it, the state will pay for it.

- The state requested a few more answers from the district itself.

The panel expects to make a decision by mid-February, which would be the deadline for a notice of a bond to be held in March. The decision will still go before voters.

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