Sandi McLain: Distinguished Student

Sandi McLain: Distinguished Student

RIGBY, Idaho - A passion for some kind of activity is a common characteristic of United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student award recipients. This week's winner is no different.

Rigby High School senior Sandi McLain is passionate about ballet.

"I love it," Sandi said. "I love not only the physical exercise aspect of it, but also being able to express myself and show others how I feel about it."

Sandi has been taking ballet lessons for 11 years. Being up on stage performing evokes powerful feelings.

"It's hard to explain it," Sandy said. "It's just a feeling deep in the center of your stomach that's just an uplifting and enlightening feeling."

Sandi spends many hours at the Dance Conservatory in Rigby. When she's done with her class, she teaches young beginning dancers.

"It's incredible, because ballet is my passion and a lot of time people don't often get to have a job where they teach their passion," Sandi said.

Sandi is also involved involved in a couple service organizations at school : Family Career and Community Leaders of America and Interact, a youth arm of Rotary.

"I like how it involves me in the community -- those clubs are very community oriented and it just makes me feel involved while I'm still in high school," Sandi said.

Currently Sandi has a 4.0 GPA. She plans to go to the dental program at Eastern Idaho Technical College and then the University of Idaho.

She says the best advice she has for other high school students is to appreciate their parents.

"Parents just always support you - I am the daughter of a single parent, and just to see how hard they work for you, and they sacrifice for you. As kids we don't appreciate them nearly as much as we need to, so I just really appreciate them," Sandi said.

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