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Be alert for asphalt paving scams

CHEYENNE Wyo. (KIFI/KIDK) - Wyoming Attorney General Peter Michael issued a consumer alert warning about out-of-state driveway pavers who go door-to-door using misrepresentations to lure consumers into paying exorbitant sums for substandard paving work.

Michael said the scam has been reported statewide, most recently in Laramie County.

According to consumer reports, paving crews arrive at homes unannounced and offer paving services at a discount because they supposedly have material leftover from another job. The crews often give vague verbal estimates that fail to inform consumers of the actual costs. Crews also regularly promise the work includes robust warranties.

When finished with jobs, the crews routinely demand payment in amounts that far exceed their original estimates.

The paved driveways exhibit signs of substandard workmanship shortly after installation, including: uneven surfaces, crooked edges and thin spots that fail to withstand emerging vegetation or the weight of motor vehicles and pedestrians. 

Reports also say office addresses provided by the crews are actually UPS store, motels or RV parks.

How to Avoid the Scam

  • Obtain multiple written estimates: Seek referrals from persons you know and trust, and then obtain written estimates from more than one of the referred contractors.
  • Verify compliance: Verify the contractor is in compliance with local licensing requirements and state bonding requirements.
  • Verify location: Verify the contractor has a permanent location. Many travelling asphalt pavers pretend to be local, but actually drive trucks with out-of-state license plates and list UPS store mailboxes, RV parks, or hotels as their business addresses.
  • Get it in writing: Obtain a detailed written contract before the contractor begins the work and get a receipt for your payment after the contractor finishes the work.
  • Avoid advance payments: Limit what you pay in advance, never paying in full until the work is completed. Where to Report the Scam

Michael invites anyone who may have interacted with deceptive paving crews to contact the Consumer Protection Unit by calling (307)-777-8962 or by filing a written consumer complaint on the Attorney General’s website

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