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Local couple scammed before wedding


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A local couple is able to make the best of a bad situation. After being scammed out of thousands of dollars by someone claiming to be a wedding planner.

"I just had this sinking feeling," said Terry Hodgson, the groom-to-be.

Nicole Saxton, the bride-to-be, made a Facebook post about their situation and found that others have been scammed by him also. 

Members of the community reached out and offered their services free of charge. Chelsea Scrimpsher offered to plan the wedding.

"Hey, if you need it, if you haven't had anyone else offer, I will plan your wedding. And I will do it for free because I'm so sorry for what happened to you," says Scrimpsher.

The owner of "3 Rivers Court" also offered the venue free of charge.

"I can look over there and watch them get married and I just get happy and tingly. And cool, they're happy and that's what I want to see," says Dr. Karie Jonak, owner.

The couple is very appreciative.

"It's been really great and I'm excited to live in a community that really helps people like this," says Saxton.

The couple would also like to thank:

Brooks McFadden - Photography

Chita Elisa Gonzalez - DJ

Shanelle Nicole Mele -Bridals

Kellie Stoleworthy - Makeup

Kristie Stolworthy - Hair

Madelyn Baker - Florist


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