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Pocatello police warn of two scams in the area

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - The Pocatello Police Department reports two scams are taking place in the Pocatello area: fake $100 bills are being passed and an email parking ticket scam.

According to police, the counterfeit bills are stamped on the front and back with Chinese characters written in pink.

The bills are sold as novelties on the Internet and were reported to have been passed at a local business.

Officials urge business owners to train employees to examine money carefully and call police if someone attempts to use a counterfeit bill.

Police have also received complaints of fake emails that appear to have come from the Pocatello Police Department. The emails state the person owes money on an unpaid parking ticket and has a link to pay the ticket.  

The Pocatello Police Department said it does not utilize an online payment system at this time.  

If a vehicle receives a parking ticket, the registered owner of the vehicle is sent a letter instructing the owner how to resolve the ticket. The letter and the envelope are on Pocatello Police stationary, and the envelope is stamped “collection notification” in red.

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