School bus drivers speak out against illegal passing

School bus drivers speak out against illegal passing

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Law enforcement and bus drivers are cracking down on drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses.

 Idaho Falls Police Department Traffic Officer, Michael Cosens, said at least one driver a day passes a school bus illegally. But he said he isn't the one who writes the citation.

"They actually sign the citation, and present that citation to us to locate the driver and issue that out," said Cosens.

So it's up to bus drivers like Krys Meade to make sure children get on and off the bus safely.

"When you look into that mirror and see all those little faces, you realize that they're not just someone else's kid. They're your child while they're on the bus," she said.

Meade said every day she takes the same precautions. She turns on her amber lights way before coming to a stop before finally raising the bus' stop arm. But the toughest part is making sure students get across the street safely.

"If they're going to cross the street, they stand away from the bus far enough to where I can see them, and I check all my mirrors. They know that if I honk the horn they need to stop and get back to the sidewalk," said Meade.

Passing a bus that has its stop arm raised is a misdemeanor in the state of Idaho. Violators can face a $100-$500 fine.

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