Below are races in eastern Idaho on the county, state and federal level. Only races that are contested in the primary or general election are posted here.

The deadline to file to get on the ballot was March 14. The primary election will be held May 20, and the general election on Nov. 4.

County races

Bannock County

Commissioner District 1

  • Karl E. Anderson (R)
  • Jeffrey P. Greenwell (R)
  • Tamara Code (D)

Commissioner District 2

  • Steve Hadley (R)
  • Dennis H. Spencer (R)


  • Robert Poleki (D)
  • Robert Ballard (R)
  • Dave Bowen (R)


  • David D. Packer (R)
  • Jared Paul Stein (D)

Bear Lake County

Commissioner District 2

  • Kerry Haddock (R)
  • Rex L. Payne (R)


  • Cindy Garner (R)
  • Craig Schaar (R)


  • C. Lee Nelson (R)
  • Chad Walker (R)

Bingham County


  • Pam Wray Eckhardt (R)
  • Leah Rigby (R)

Commissioner District 2

  • Whitney Manwaring (R)
  • Ralph West (R)