Semi hits Bonneville County Annex building

Truck hits Bonneville County Annex

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A semi-truck struck the Bonneville County Annex building after trying to turn right on E Street in Idaho Falls on Thursday.

The incident is shown in a video taken by McKenzie Fullmer on her phone. Yellowstone Avenue was closed due to utility work, so the semi's driver decided to make a tight turn onto E Street.

The truck hit the side of the building and then drove away from the accident. Idaho Falls City Engineer Kent Fugal says there was a sign posted for trucks to take F Street instead of E Street.

But Fugal says despite the sign, a number of semis attempted the right hand turn onto E Street.

Yellowstone Ave is now partially back open, but Fugal says Yellowstone could be closed in the future and advised truck drivers to use F Street. 

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