Shayna Sudweeks: Distinguished Student

Shayna Sudweeks: Distinguished Student

POCATELLO, Idaho - A talented singer, dancer, piano player, with a near perfect G-P-A. is a perfect recipe for a winner of the United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award. Those qualities perfectly describe this week's winner – Shayna Sudweeks.

If you ask Shayna what she thinks about music, you'll get this answer.

I love music. It's like my passion," Shayna says.

Shayna has been a part of several of the choirs and performing groups during her years at Highland. She loves performing with them.

"I think the two things I like the most are how the audience reacts, I like seeing their enjoyment of it, and I like knowing that my group produced something so good as a team together," Shayna says.

In addition to singing, Shayna is an accomplished pianist. Musical talent runs in the family.

"My whole family is musical," Shayna says. "My dad is probably the most out of them. He plays several different instruments and he would help me in the morning before school to practice, and got me into music that I really love."

And for those who have struggled to get their kids to practice piano, here's an attitude about practicing that would be music to your ears. When asked if practicing was a chore and drudgery, Shayna replied,

" No way, I love practicing piano, I practice every chance I get."

Shayna plans to go to BYU-Idaho for a year and then serve an LDS mission. When she returns she wants to study animal and veterinary sciences.

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