Sick pig blamed in garage fire

Sick pig blamed for garage fire

AMMON, Idaho - An Ammon family got a rude awakening Tuesday morning when their garage caught on fire. The suspect? Their sick pig.

The fire happened on Lincoln Road around 7 a.m. Family members said they had brought their pig inside because it wasn't feeling well, and it knocked down a heat lamp.

The pig made it out safe, as did the rest of the family and pets. The fire only burned one corner of the garage.

One of the teenagers living in the house, Brunson Smith, said he was amazed the pig made it out OK.

"We walked in there, and we couldn't stay in there for more than three seconds because it would just about knock you out it was so toxic and the fumes in there," he said. "And I would look over, and there was the little pig hunched over in the corner just sitting there looking around. Didn't even seem to notice there was smoke in there. (We) pulled it out and just ran out."

Firefighters said if the fire had gotten to the attic, this could be a completely different story. They said the damage to the house is priced at about $40,000. The fire is still under investigation.

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