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Storm visits eastern Idaho

These are viewer-submitted photos of the lightning storm in eastern Idaho…

trent clegg 2

Photos: Fire burns at Monarch Building

Here are photos of the fire burning at the Monarch Building in Pocatello…

Photos: Faces of the 2014 Eastern Idaho State Fair

Here are some photos the Local News 8 and KIDK staff took of the people…

KIFI/KIDK David Barrington

Photos: Puddles in Idaho Falls

A heavy downpour in Idaho Falls and Ammon has created several large pools…

In Blackfoot. By Shantell Burkman

By Shantell Burkman

Photos: Storm hits southeast Idaho

A storm hit southeast Idaho on Aug. 6, 2014, causing flooding and other…

Irresistible News

Michael Phelps: From childhood phenom to record books

Michael Phelps smiling in pool

Michael Phelps made history at the 2012 Olympics by becoming the most…

Best of the worst: Mug shot hall of shame

Michael Whitington mug shot

Denver District Attorney's Office

Check out these lookers who ran into the law.

Child stars gone wrong

Amanda Bynes July 2013 court appearance

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Amanda Bynes is in trouble with the law again. She's one of many child…

Easy ways to break 10 bad habits

Chewing gum, blowing bubble


Think bad habits like nail biting are hard to break? Find out how to kick…

Cities with the highest/lowest ATM fees

hand pressing ATM buttons

Vaughan Willis/SXC

ATM fees have skyrocketed 23 percent in just the past five years, and are…


PHOTOS: Another storm causes flooding in Pocatello

On the corner of Custer and Buchanan in Pocatello

Rain storm stops over Pocatello Tuesday afternoon causing flooding along…

Eastern Idaho, Western Wyoming Weather Photos

Upload Your Weather Pictures - Image From Cindy Farmer

First Alert 8 wants to show off your weather pictures. They can be of…


Where are 'Cheers' stars today?

Cheers TV show logo

Paramount TV

With Tuesday marking the 32nd anniversary of the Sept. 30, 1982, debut of…

United States of celebrities

United States map, U.S., USA


Each and every state can lay claim to its own famous native sons and…

Remember the No. 1 pop hits of 1989?

Paula Abdul, Forever Your Girl blurb size

Virgin Records

Paula Abdul and Milli Vanilli (remember them?) dominated the Billboard…

From beauty queen to Hollywood

Vanessa Williams, Miss America 1983

Miss America

Every aspiring celebrity has to start somewhere, and for certain stars…

Where are 'Xena,' 'Hercules' stars today?

Xena, Hercules cast file photo

Universal Studios

With Kevin Sorbo celebrating his 56th birthday on Wednesday, let's see…


Michael Phelps: From childhood phenom to record books

Michael Phelps smiling in pool

Michael Phelps made history at the 2012 Olympics by becoming the most…

Derek Jeter's unbelievable Yankees farewell

Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports/Reuters

Derek Jeter closed out his storied career at Yankees Stadium in…

Controversial sports team names

Washington Redskins logo blurb

With the controversy over the Washington Redskins name continuing to brew…

NFL players in trouble with the law

Jonathan Dwyer mugshot

Maricopa County Sheriff

Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer is the latest NFL star to…

Celebrities who lost endorsement deals

Adrian Peterson mug shot

Montgomery County Sheriff Office

From Adrian Peterson to Paula Deen, plenty of celebrities have discovered…


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