Smoke-free Idaho could start blowing into Pocatello

Smoking ban

POCATELLO, Idaho - Representatives from the American Cancer Society addressed the city council Thursday morning, asking them to consider drafting a non-smoking ordinance.

This ordinance will ban smoking indoors. 

The society's director of government relations Stacey Satterlee said they recently conducted an air quality study showing Pocatello's outdoor air quality is in pretty clean shape. However, that wasn't the same when it came to indoor environments that allowed smoking inside.

She said this movement will help protect workers' rights.

"Then there are the bars' air quality which is significantly hazardous to your health," Satterlee said. "So, when we're talking about this, we don't think a worker should have to choose between clean air, their health, and a job. We think everybody should be afforded those protections."

The city said they also have to take into account business owners' rights as well.

Mayor Brian Blad said he and the council members will hear those who are against this movement on January 9. 

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