Smokers Encouraged to go cold turkey

Annual Great American Smokeout

Great American Smokout encourages smokers to give it up

Idaho Falls- - The annual Great American Smokeout event took place today. It encourages smokers to go cold turkey for one day.

Smokers and non-smokers were encouraged to participate, learn about the dangers of smoking and how to encourage loved ones to quit.

Participants drove up to the booths in front of the Idaho Public Health District on the corner of Hollipark drive in Idaho Falls and traded their cigarette packs for gift bags filled with toothbrushes, gum, and educational anti-smoking pamphlets.

The event is intended to educate and encourage smokers who try going cold turkey for a day to continue for another day and eventually quit.

Health Education Specialist Mini Taylor said "Most smokers know that they need to quit, it's just that they need that extra motivation and re-enforcement to put forth that effort and do it.

A smoker who smokes one pack a day will spend 1,700 dollars each year on cigarettes.

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