Snake River Animal Shelter gets $40k donation

Snake River Animal Shelter gets $40k donation

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The Snake River Animal Shelter is extending thanks to one member of the Idaho Falls community, who shelter officials say put them a lot closer to their goal of building a new facility.

The donor's name is Bill Maeck, and he's no stranger to charity.

An entire building next to the Museum of Idaho is dedicated to the foundation named for Maeck's late wife.

"(The foundation) is mainly geared to helping young people get an education," Maeck said.

If you ask Maeck why he chose to donate $40,000 to build the Snake River Animal Shelter, his passion really comes out. He points straight to the dozens of ribbons and plaques which line his walls -- all awarded to his Labradors.

"I have an interest in dogs," Maeck said. "A longtime interest."

His interest still frolicks around in his back yard, in the form of Bucky the black Lab, and in the form of all dogs who get to play in the dog park -- also made possible by donations to the Snake River Animal Shelter.

"I was hoping to -- that it might be enough to get other people interested in supporting the shelter," Maeck said.

According to shelter president Sylvia Medina, Maeck's plan worked.

"That donation really just moves everything forward," Medina said. "(Maeck's) heart's in it, just like everyone else who's supported the shelter. It's the people's shelter -- for the animals. And he's really a big part of it for us."

Medina said the Snake River Animal Shelter is about $1.2 million short of its fundraising goal for that new shelter, which is expected to be built by next summer.

Maeck said he plans on giving the shelter even more money in the future.

If you want to donate to the Snake River Animal Shelter, visit

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