AMMON, Idaho -

First the hack -- now Target customers may be facing a scam. Target is offering free credit screenings, but they aren't contacting people with the offer, so scammers are taking advantage.

"During the Christmas holiday I went out to dinner, and my card was rejected and when I called the company they said it was because of my activity from Target," said Target customer Rebecca Campbell.

Campbell is an avid shopper at Target and was one of the 70 million shoppers that was targeted by the data breach between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15. Now she's glad the retailer is trying to alleviate the problem by offering a full year of credit screening.

"Unfortunately, I know it's costing them millions of dollars, and I think it's ridiculous that people are doing what they're doing, but for your reputation you have to show your customers that you care," she said.

But now there is another problem lurking: people are using Target's offer to steal more information and send fraudulent emails that offer credit protection. Dale Dixon of the Better Business Bureau said the emails have a faulty link.

"We are asking people not to click on those links and to be very careful. most likely these are scam artists that are taking the Target logo, and implanting it on an email and sending it out to a lot of people," said Dixon.

Campbell said no matter how careful people are, she said today, you can never be fully prepared.

"Things happen, we live in the day of technology, emails, everything you do. Online banking; It's just the risk you take."

The Better Business Bureau also said the only way you would be receiving an email about their offer is if you have already contacted Target about a credit screening.

If you are interested in Target's credit screening, you can find more information on its website at