Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

Valley Wide Cooperative is aware of the terrible tragedy in West Texas and the heightened anxiety it may have caused regarding the fertilizer industry in general. We are concerned for the deaths and injuries that the families of West Texas sustained. As a company that is heavily involved in the fertilizer business, we are very concerned about what caused this tragedy and how to avoid a similar situation in the future. We want to assure the community that we have taken the proper measures for security and safety regarding our facilities. We want to notify the public that Valley Wide does not store Ammonium Nitrate at any of our facilities located throughout Idaho and Oregon.

Once the facts regarding the cause of the explosion are known, we will again address this tragic event from that perspective, and help inform our communities and employees regarding our facilities and the risks associated, if any. Safety is always our number one concern at all of our facilities, not only for our employees, but also our patrons and fellow citizens. If you have questions please contact Valley Wide CEO Dave Holtom or (208) 436-7841, or the General Manager of Valley Agronomics Richard Lloyd at or (208) 436-0141. For further information click on the link for a statement ( from The Fertilizer Institute.

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