Thieves target cars during church service

Thieves target cars during church service

BINGHAM COUNTY, Idaho - The Bingham County Sheriff's Office said thieves broke into nine cars Sunday.

Suspects targeted the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on the corner of 150 W. and 400 N. Deputies said suspects got away with wallets, purses and other valuables. Sheriff Craig Rowland said church service crimes are more common than many may think and there is a simple solution to the problem.

"Don't put any valuables in your vehicle where people can see them. Lock your cameras and stuff up in your jockey box and things like that. Make it so that if they look in your vehicle there's nothing there to take and they'll move on to the next one," he said.

Rowland said the windows were smashed on five of the nine cars, but the others were unlocked.

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