Todd Tucker: Distinguished Student

Todd Tucker: Distinguished Student

ST. ANTHONY, Idaho - In the trombone section of the South Fremont band you'll find Todd Tucker. This is his last year playing in the band. He can hardly believe he's a senior graduating in a just a few months.

"You get to be a freshman and you think you're only a little freshman, and then before you know it, you're a senior and you're graduating - it's really crazy how time flies," Todd said.

Besides trombone, Todd plays percussion,along with piano and organ at church. He says music helps him in other areas of school too.

"They say listening to quality music helps your test scores and I think that's helped me a lot too," Todd said.

One of the highlights of Todd's high school experience has been being a member of the football team, playing center.

"You know you're part of something awesome for the community, because football is a big part of most communities and to be part of something so big is an honor," Todd said.

With a 3.99 GPA Todd plans to go to BYU-Idaho after his LDS mission and study medical technology. As he prepares to graduate Todd looks back fondly on his high school years and has this advice for students just starting.

"Just take it a day at a time and enjoy every moment you have because before you know it, it's gone," Todd said.

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