Toddler autopsy report not complete

Contrary to report, Ammon toddler cause of death not known

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - An Idaho Falls newspaper on Friday reported the autopsy report for 21-month old Elizabeth Randall -- who died in Bonneville County last month -- concluded the cause of death as the result of "hyperthermia."

Our station has learned no official cause of death has been reported, and the final autopsy report has not been submitted to authorities. 

Randall died June 18 while inside a car in the 600 block of S. Belle Arbor. 

After reading the report confirming Randall's cause-of-death, reporter Caleb James followed up with the Bonneville County Sheriff's office on Friday evening. Captain Sam Hulse told our station there is no completed autopsy report, or cause of death for Elizabeth Randall. 

"Findings related to the autopsy are not complete, we do not have the report back on the autopsy," said Hulse. 

Hulse said investigators are still trying to find out what led to the tragic death of 21-month-old Randall. 

He said no cause of death has been released by law enforcement. An autopsy on the girl hasn't been completed either.

"All we have are the preliminary findings from our detectives," he said on Friday. 

Hulse said preliminary findings indicate Randall's symptoms are consistent with hyperthermia, but without a completed autopsy, there can be no official cause of death.

"Until we have that report, we do not have the ability to determine fully what the cause of death was," he said. 

When the investigation concludes, and cause of death does become a matter of record, investigation findings will come to Bonneville County prosecutor Bruce Pickett's desk. 

"Once the investigation is complete, we will receive a police report," said Pickett. 

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