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Balukoff supports legislation that would pull Idaho out of voter crosscheck

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Democratic Gubernatorial candidate A.J. Balukoff is supporting legislation that would get Idaho out of the voter crosscheck system.

The legislation is being introduced by House Democratic Leader Rep. Mat Erpelding.

Under the current voter crosscheck system, Idaho sends voter data, including partial social security numbers and birth dates, to a server in Arkansas where it is then examined by the Kansas Secretary of State's office, headed by Kris Kobach.

The goal of the voter crosscheck system is to detect voters who vote in multiple states.

"Why are we sending our sensitive voter data to Kansas to be stored in an unsecure system in Arkansas is beyond me," said Balukoff. "Idaho is putting at voters at risk every year to support a system that does nothing to detect voter fraud. We don't want to be in Kansas anymore."

More than half-dozen states have left the voter crosscheck system in recent years.

Representative Erpelding's legislation is scheduled to be heard Tuesday morning in the House State Affairs Committee.



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